flexible with the topic

I provided a word document that describes the essay’s guidelines. All the suggested topics are mentioned in that doc and you must choose one of those topics (you can choose either topic #1:The Importance of Religion and Religious Symbols in the Works of Munro, Achebe, and Lahiri, or topic #5: Society and Marriage: A Study of Munro and Achebe or topic #6: A Nation of Dreams: America and its Issues through the Lens of Langston Hughes. I provided the books needed so you could use quotes/evidence from them. I like the essay to include like a comparison between the works of the different authors mentioned. I also need a separate outline for this essay to be sent to me asap, I need to submit it to get a grade for it before submitting this paper so please get it to me as soon as possible first before doing anything else. It’s urgent so it doesn’t have to be too detailed and it’s just an outline so it’s brief but I need the paper to be 100% and I will definitely be back here for more.

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