The attached Powerpoint needs to be fixed based on the feedback below…..
PROFESSOR FEEDBACK—–You have done some good work on the second portion of your milestone project. Please use speaker notes and graphics. You explained the reporting accounting standards well addressed disclosure requirements and differences and discussed how all of this impacts firms investor and the overall harmonization process. We had a lot to cover in our second milestone!
You might find that the Journal of Acountancy is a great resource when researching GAAP and IFRS. I found this recent article on GAAP versus IFRS revenue recognition quite interesting:
Your next goal should be to fully utilize the presentation in the best way possible. The slides themselves should be bullet points of brief information and graphics. They are essentially talking points. Your audio file attachment or speaker notes should contain the narrative of the presentation. As it stands now your presentation isn’t a presentation it’s a paper copied into a powerpoint file.
For additional information on how to use speaker notes you might find these resources helpful:

If you’d like to try the audio going forward here is a helpful resource:–cms-20488

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