Financical Metric

In week two, we will review the ROE and EPS, which are financial metrics for examining and evaluating the financial decisions of leaders. In the next five weeks, we will review more than ten financial metrics. Also, in week two, we will review chapters thirteen and fifteen. In chapter thirteen, the authors introduced the Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) and Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM), which are financial models used to help leaders make capital (long-term) decisions. In chapter fifteen, we will review venture capital funds and initial public offerings. For the week two homework, you will retrieve and write about financial metrics and other factors for your Fortune 500 Company. You will write about the same Fortune 500 Company in weeks two, four, and six. I urge everyone to use YahooFinance and similar sources when getting your Fortune 500 company’s financial metrics. To begin our review of chapter thirteen, how is the information in Section 13.1 of chapter thirteen related to what you already know?

I’ll upload the book file shortly section 13.1.


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