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Coronavirus disease (Covid 19) is a disease that over the last year has greatly impacted the way the world views and handles prevention in terms of health. From mandatory curfews, to face mask to complete shutdowns of various cities and countries, we saw the world globally handle Covid 19 unlike any other communicable disease before. Covid 19 put population health prevention front and center and the world we live in has changed forever. For your final exam, please apply the major concepts of population health that we have covered over the last several weeks to Covid 19.
Your paper should give background to the disease and answer the five questions below: Each question will be worth 5 points.
1) Who are at risk groups? (Give data to support)
2) What type of study would you use to further investigate this problem?
3) Using population health models or theories, suggest potential interventions.
4) Using population health models or theories, suggest potential prevention practices.
5) What are the main barriers to effective solutions?
Submission will be graded on accuracy, clarity and APA format.

use ppt i attached to answer the Qs, and use other sources to support the ideas 

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