Final Exam

MUS/GEN 106 Women, Music and Culture Exam IV (final) 65 points

1. Discuss todays music industry in terms of performers and marketing. Considering both male and female performers, how does the current situation compare with the historical account presented in this course? (30 points minimum of four paragraphs)

2. When you began this class, did you have preconceived ideas (both historically and modern day) of the fusion of women, music and culture, that you found challenged or had no knowledge of? What were they? How was your view challenged? If you had no preconceived ideas that were challenged, what influences played a part in your understanding (ex. previous course, family discussions, independent research, etc.). (20 points minimum of three paragraphs)

3. Discuss two or three topics that made the most impact on your understanding of this course topic. (10 points minimum of two paragraphs)

4. Moving forward, how will what you learn in class effect the way you experience women in the performing arts? Has your understanding changed? If so, why? If not, why?
(5 points one paragraph minimum)

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