Final Assignment Western Civilization II

This final assignment is composed of 2 short essays, plus 12 short answer questions.  Please focus on writing the short essays as fully, clearly, and informatively as possible.
For each essay, please write a short essay (meaning about 15 sentences each total – that’s 2 or 3 paragraphs depending how you structure it) to address each question.
Question 1:    The Paradox of the Industrial Revolution — In what ways has industrialization changed the lives of humans?  In what ways are these changes positive? In other words, what are some concrete benefits that humans “get” from the industrial process? AND, on the other side, what are several main negative implications of the industrial process?  Although the focus of your answer may be on humans, please include reference to animals and the planet as well to support your analysis.
Hint:  To build your answer, please include reference to the following terms:  paradox; industrialization of war; globalization; environmental impacts.
Question 2:  The Modern World: Power of Humans — The Renaissance. The Scientific Revolution. The Enlightenment. The Industrial Revolution. Globalization, Modern Medicine, Digital Technologies.  Using these developments to guide your short essay, describe how the history of the past 500 years in the Western world has led to an increasing sense of empowerment for [many] humans. How does the Renaissance connect to the Scientific Revolution? How does science (scientific method) connect to the Enlightenment? How does the Enlightenment connect to ideas about rights, education, and democracy? How does the Industrial Revolution connect to globalization and modern technology? How is life today (early 21st century) radically different — in practical terms and in how we think — from the year 1500?
Short Answer: Please answer the following questions in a couple of short sentences.  (12 questions = 4 points each + 2 bonus)
1.  “The West” — what area is the historical anchor?  What area is the superpower?
2.  What is at least one problem/controversy regarding the terminology of “West” and “East” to describe history/planet? There are several possible answers you can give — I’m just looking for one answer.
3.  We started our class around the year 1500.  That marks the beginning of the Early Modern Era for Western Civilization. What was the name of the period before Early Modern (Europe), and how long did that last?
4.  Who is Martin Luther, and why is he so important for understanding the history of the modern West?
5.  When we look at historical sources (evidence) from the 1500s and 1600s, what are 2 challenges that we face? (There are dozens of challenges — just name and briefly explain 2.)
6.  Why are Leonardo da Vinci’s notebooks considered so important for thinking about the Renaissance and/or the modern West?
7.  Why is Voltaire’s treatise regarding tolerance so vital for understanding modern Western culture/history?
8.  When was photography invented, and how did its invention lead to the development of modern art?
9.  The West Today: What is NATO?
10. Who are the executive leaders of the following:  Canada, Germany, France, United Kingdom, European Union.
11.  What is globalization? What is its connection to digital technologies?
12.  How are the European nations (particularly Germany and Norther Europe) different in some ways from the United States? Name 2 differences (in reference to laws).

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