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How do animals help Autism Spectrum disorder children with their behavioral skills

I. Background: In this section, you will professionally introduce your research question and explain how potential outcomes associated with your project
align with funding the organization’s missionization.
A. Introduction
1. Introduce your selected public health issue to the funding organization, explaining the significance of the topic and why it requires
further research.
2. Explain how the research project aligns with the funding organizations mission. Support your explanation with examples.
B. Purpose
1. Construct a research question that will appropriately guide research for your selected public health issue.
2. Defend the significance of this research project using epidemiological data and statistics. For example, what is the population size? What
are the relevant prevalence rates?
3. Analyze the existing scientific literature (e.g., public health journals) surrounding the public health issue for the research’s progress
and what more is needed. What has already been accomplished concerning research on this issue, and where are the gaps?
II. Project Description: In this section, you will concisely describe your proposed research project, including its guiding goals and objectives.
A. Explain how your approach will uniquely contribute to improving population health, citing examples from the literature. In other words, how is
your approach unique to the existing literature, and who should benefit from your research?
B. Based on the research needs identified, state the broader goals of your research. Keep in mind that goal statements should be broad and
abstract, describing a state or condition you hope to achieve. Consider how these goals are aligned with your public health agencys mission.
C. Develop target objectives for your project that clearly define the public health activities required to achieve your research’s broader goals.
III. Methodology
A. Select the study design you will use to answer your research question, and defend why it is most appropriate for your research question, goals,
and objectives. For example, if you chose an exclusively quantitative approach, why were qualitative methods omitted? Support your
explanation with relevant public health research.
B. Describe the approach you feel would be most appropriately employed for the selection of your sample population and explain your reasoning.
Examples of possible approaches include snowball, systematic, random, convenience, and so on.
C. Create a reasonable outline for implementing your study design, including a general timeline, location, and the tools and resources you will use
to collect data.
D. Explain how you will disseminate the results of the research to inform future public strategies concerning this topic.
IV. Conclusion: Summarize how this research as a whole will inform public health strategies for improving population health.

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