Family Rituals and Story Project

My family is composed of myself Tiara brother Lawrence and Mom Darlene single parent no Dad Every family has some rituals and traditions.These practices often have symbolic meaning that isnt always obvious.This project will give you an opportunity to explore rituals and traditions in your own family heritage.Similarly, family members often tell and retell stories about past family members and/or experiences.You will construct a short paper and share what you have learned with other students.To complete this project, do the following:Download the article I have included the attachment.Read the article.1 . Answer the following questions:a.Wolin and Bennett identify 6 typologies of ritual use in families.Which typology (or category) is most closely characteristic of your family?What are the consequences for individuals and family relationships because of this typology?b.Wolin and Bennett identify 4 types of family rituals.Which type(s) of rituals were most common in your home (can include more than one)?Explain briefly why you think this was the case for your family.c.Identify at least one example of a significant ritual in your home.Describe this ritual (what it was, when it occurred, how often, who was involved, any other important contextual information).Explain how this ritual is different from a routine(see article).d.What functions do you think this ritual played in your family?How do you think it influenced you and your family?What benefits and challenges came because of it (reading about the empirical studies in the article may give you some ideas here)?How likely is it that this ritual will continue in your future, and what do you think about that?What will be your role in continuing/discontinuing it?

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