Examine a time when you went through a process like the banking concept of education

Write about a time in your lifewhether it was at school, home, sports, work, in a relationship, or anything like thatand specify what this was like.  Emphasize details to put the reader into the position to understand your point of view.  Use at least one quote from Paulo Freires The Banking Concept of Education for each body paragraph () to support your ideas.

In addition to your introduction and conclusion s, you need to write at least three body s in the following order to answer this question:
the first paragraph focuses on the general explanation of your situation under the banking concept, being specific where you should
the second examines one specific way that your situation relates to one way that Freire describes the banking concept
the third explains what about your situation was especially negative (or positive) under the banking concept
(optional) the fourth proposes how your situation could have been improved from the banking concept.

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