Exam Question: (Budgeting and Forecasting)

Dear ApplicantAs per our conversation please find below the Test Task for you.( do as they say in excel and power point with link to show the work ) Exam Question: (Budgeting and Forecasting) Imagine that you are a financial controller at a big company that its main operation is kind of construction. Its revenues should be recognized based on percentage of completion (POC). Your responsibility is to submit a comprehensive annual report that will cover financial statements for two years (current year and next year) along with financial ratios and KPIs. You have to make proper links among all statements to show your accounting capability as well as finance knowledge. The only criteria that you have got from board of directors (BOD) are as follows:To make ROI & ROE of the next year to be increased by 16% in comparison to the current year.EBIT % of Net Sales or Operating Revenues = 20% in the next year.You should be able to submit two files (One will be an Excel sheet while the other one is a PowerPoint slides by next Thursday 16th Mar 2017.Requirements:You have to copy the sheets from excel and paste them (Paste Link) so whenever you change something in excel it will be auto updated in the PowerPoint after you click on update links on the slides.You must do three diagrams that represents the KPIs that the BOD mentioned.You must prepare one table of content in the excel sheet that have the PowerPoint file embedded as an object.HINT:Do not complicate your life be simple and use small figures and a little number of slides.If you have any problem with Excel or power point Don’t get panic you can ask (GOOGLE) any time
follow the instructions pls it is important to get the job and do not forget the explanations for me and make easy and simple all they care about is that i know how to do it.
and i need an explanation for everything bc i have to present it for a job interview

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