Evolving Science

Science and Technology play a central role in assuring our survival and enormous success as a species. However, your readings for this week point out that this progress is the product of contentious debates, competing world views, and revolutionary paradigm shifts. Over time, certain views do eventually prevail. Genetically evolved technology is based, in part, on finding solutions to key problems through the process of biological evolution (see the Tedtalk video for this week). With Kuhn, your readings and video clips for this week in mind, please answer the following questions:
Can believers in Intelligent Design embrace the incredibly promising and innovative solutions outlined in Luke Bawazers Tedtalk while rejecting Darwins theory of evolution? Explain why or why not.
How does the science discussed by Bawazer relate to Bronowskis belief about science as imaginative and creative?
Does Bawazers discussion of the dawning of a new scientific paradigm mean the same thing Kuhn means by paradigm shift?
Your response must include references to the essays by Bronowski, Kuhn, and Wilson. Feel free to include your own research (academic sources). Your response, in either essay form or question and answer format, should be a minimum of 750 words. Use proper citation and list your references.

The Academic Style of Writing
All academic writing uses language that is formal, objective and cautious. Even when an assignment is written in a more subjective style (personal reflection) you should still provide supporting evidence, use language that is somewhat formal, and objective (without emotional bias) and somewhat cautious. AVOID PERSONAL PRONOUNS. Limit the use of I, we, in my opinion, I believe, etc.

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