Ethical Assessment

This essay is to demonstrate knowledge of ethical moral reasoning through the analysis of the hypothetical town of Lionsville. For this assignment, students will review the presented scenario and then using the ethical standards of the National Organization for Human Services [NOHS]: 1) provide an overview of the conflict in the scenario 2) evaluate the ethical and unethical procedures and practices presented 3) identify 3 specific ethical violations presented in the case study, supporting your violations with an applicable ethical standard and explaining why each situation violates the identified ethical code 4) for the identified violations, student will select one violation and then apply the ethical decision making process to present an ethical solution to the identified violation.

Below I will upload and attach the Ethical Assessment Essay documents. There should be a total of 7 PDF documents which include:
The essay instructions (1)
Grading Rubric (1)
And five different sections of The Town of LionsVille analysis used as reference for the assignment. (5)

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