English 102: Toulmin Method Essay With Annotated Bibliography
Genre: Argumentative Research Essay
Length: 5-7 pages
Format: MLA
Subject for assignment: PTSD in the Military
Assignment Write a 5-7 page research paper that follows the Toulmin method as discussed in your textbook (p. 410-412). Incorporate five sources as support for the claim. Each source that is used as support in your essay must be included on the Annotated Bibliography with correct bibliographic entries. Each annotation should aim to connect and validate the use of each source to other sources and your thesis. Annotations will include a brief summary evaluation and discussion of your use. Each annotation must be at least 250-words. See the samples in the Research Project folder. SLOs Applied (See Syllabus for Full Description) The writer takes a stand makes informed effective decisions writes a research paper using credible secondary sources identifies and uses standard reference work and the library to locate current relevant and peer reviewed sources. The Toulmin Method The basic requirements of the Toulmin method include: 1. Claim 2. Support 3. Warrant The Claim is your thesis statement. Like other essays written in an academic setting your introductory paragraph introduces the reader to the topic by establishing the context. The Claim will be the last 1-2 sentences in the introductory paragraph. The Claim is what you aim to prove with your original argument and your research. The Support in the Toulmin method is both your argument (using your rhetorical argument skills) and the research conducted throughout this process. Your sources should include a variety of sources ranging from peer reviewed journal articles to videos. Use your knowledge from the previous essays completed this term to conduct your research by searching for current reputable sources. The Annotated Bibliography The Annotated Bibliography will operate as your Works Cited page with annotations (notes) written beneath each bibliographic entry. The goal of each annotation is to essentially show your knowledge of the source. Each annotation will include your developed and well-writing discussion of the purpose of using the source the connection to other sources and the evaluation of the source. Sources Use the following guidelines as you locate sources: Two peer reviewed journal articles focused to the claim o Published in the last 5-years o Consider these databases: Academic OneFile Academic Search Complete Two reputable popular sources found on the web o Published in the last 12-months o Consider these source types: Magazines (eg. Time) News websites (eg. Politico) Viewpoint essays in the Opposing Viewpoints database One quality video source o Consider these resources: TED Talks Sources found on the Films on Demand database Remember that all sources must be found in the Librarys databases or easy to locate on the web. If your instructor cannot locate your source it will not be counted. Abstracts do not count as sources and should not be used as support for any academic essay.

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