Essay about opinion ( is archaeology a waste f time and money ? )

Essay Topic :Some people feel that the study of archaeology is a waste of time and money. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Give reasons and use examples (from the UAE or abroad) to support your answer.the requirements:Is archaeology a waste of time and money? Do you agree or disagree? ( the answer MUST BE YES – agree )2.What are your reasons for agreeing or disagreeing? Put a different reasons (You should have at least 3 reasons).3.What evidence/examples will you use to support your reasons?Essay format:1- Introduction:you should introduce the topic briefly and statewhether you agree2- Body : ( each reason must be in a paragraph ) A. REASON + EXAMPLE B. REASON + EXAMPLE C . REASON + EXAMPLE D. REASON + EXAMPLE3. CONCLUSION:( you should summarize your opinion. Do you think everyone agrees with your opinion? )The examples must used form the PowerPoint in the attachments and it must be related to the reasons you write ( the reasons must be logical )

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