Read the article Is Education Losing Its Value? (You may refer to the anonymous author simply as the author.) Then write an essay of evaluation, according to the following guidelines:

Explain its central argument about the value of education, along with the main supporting ideas. Then evaluate the effectiveness of the article. Do you find its argument convincing? Why or why not? Finally, you must give your own opinion on the issue itself. Do you agree with it? Why or why not?

            To support your opinions of the article and the issue, provide specific evidence. Some criteria to consider may include elements of an essay (structure, thesis, introduction, body, conclusion, transitions, unity, development, examples, evidence, etc.), and elements of argumentation (appeals, deductive and inductive logic, logical fallacies, authority, evidence, bias, tone, etc.). These are only examplesyou may use some or all of these terms or other terms, depending on what you consider most important in an argument. Give specific examples from the article.

            You must also use information from your own experience, observations, reading, and so on, as further evidence. You may also compare the article to other specific articles you have read in class.

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