epidemics of injustice

In the spirit of action and advocacy, we would like you to attend an event or engage in an activity outside of class where you learn about advocacy or engage in direct action at least once over the course of the semester. This event can take on a variety of formats such as a lecture, workshop, panel, talkback, etc. and it should touch on at least one of the topics from this semester (see the course schedule above). You should choose an event or activity that provides knowledge or builds skills that you can use in your profession. Good sources to look for events are pages for the Collaboratory for Health Justice, Radical Public Health, the Gender and Sexuality Center, the Institute for Research on Race and Public Policy. Submit a 1-page journal reflection following the event, describing the event, why you attended, and what you learned.  and your experience, using a critical lens based on our class discussions. The reflection is due by the last day of class.

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