English research paper

Compose an argumentative essay that makes a policy claim regarding a current issue. In makingyour argument, incorporate at least four secondary sources into your paper in appropriate MLAStyle. These sources must be accessed using the school library. Include a Works Cited page thatlist the secondary sources you include in your paper.
Follow these instructions carefully:
-Your paper should make a specific policy claim. This means that you must argue for or againsta current policy or law. If no policy or law is currently in place regarding the issue you wish toargue, you might argue for one to be passed, or you might argue that such a policy or law should never be considered.
-Include an introductory paragraph that identifies the topic you will be discussing and that outlines the thesis of your paper.
-The body paragraphs of your paper should argue your point. Remember to carefully chooseyour supporting arguments, refer to your secondary sources, discuss the most obviouscounterarguments, and so on. Essentially, this paper will test your knowledge of all of theargumentative writing strategies we have covered in this course.
-Avoid self-referential pronouns such as I, me, my, our, we, etc. If you are going to argue apoint, simply make it without using phrases like “I think” and “In my opinion.” Make sure you use signal phrases such as “West states” or “West notes” so that it is clear when you are presenting ideas from the author of the article you are focusing on. Always make sure it is clearwhose ideas are being presented: your own, or those ideas taken from the sources you are using.
-Review the chapters we have covered in the textbook thus far to make sure you fully understand important concepts relating to matters such as claim, support, warrant, summary, paraphrase, andquote.
-The paper should be at least1000 words (roughly four double-spaced pages) and should beformatted in MLA style. Review A Pocket Style Manualand the Purdue OWL for detailsregarding MLA style.
-You are expected to include several quotes from the secondary sources you have chosen. Thesereferences, including the Works Cited page, should be in MLA style documentation.
-Upon completion of the paper, upload the paper using the appropriate link in our coursehomepage. Save the paper by going to “FileSave as” and using the following filename format: Your last name-ENG 101-Essay 3.

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