CONTINAUTION OF LAST WEEK ROUGH DRAFT COMMENTARY ASSIGNMENT ON ADHD/ADD WORDS COUNT: 150-200 WORDS FOR QUESTIONS A TO D AND MINIMUM OF 100 WORDS EACH FOR QUESTION E # 1 TO 3. (A) Read over the Planning section of Chapter 9 in the textbook. There, you will find several options for introducing and concluding your commentary. Post a message in which you explain which techniques you will use for your introduction and why they might be effective for you. Then write your introduction using the techniques you have chosen. During the week, respond to others introductions and explain what you think they did well. Also offer some advice for revision. You may also offer counterarguments by explaining how someone might disagree with their view. (B) 1. Why might your professor ask you to write a commentary? 2. What purpose does this genre of writing serve in personal, professional, academic, and /or civic arenas (aka the real world)? 3. What did you learn from this kind of writing that surprised you? 4. What struggles, challenges, or triumphs are you facing with this style of writing? (C) One piece of advice for writing commentaries in Chapter 9 is to distinguish between your perspective and other perspectives. What are some of the other perspectives you see? Summarize them briefly. Next, summarize your own perspective. In what ways does your perspective differ from other perspectives? Why is your perspective different? (D) The ENG 105 Rubric: Commentary Writing Assignment points out that: An excellent commentary should: Effectively frame an issue at the beginning of the essay Use a label to name the issue in question Analyze the issue in terms of causes and consequences Explain praise and/or blame Use evidence to justify ideas, as necessary Please share with the class how you plan to accomplish any/all of the above (E) ENG-105: Module 7 Writing Self-Review Assignment Name: Francis C Okoye Commentary Essay Topic: ____________________________________________ Commentary Essay Thesis Statement: ___________________________________ Please write a minimum of 100 wordsfor each of the three questions below, describing the progress you have made in your writing. Make sure you proofread your self-review before submitting. 1. What changes or improvements did you make to your commentary essay rough draft? Identify specific parts of your paper that you revised. Why did you make these changes to your rough draft? (100 words minimum) 2. How did a suggested revision from a peer, tutor, or anyone else help strengthen your paper? If you chose notto incorporate feedback into your essay, explain why. If, for some reason, you did not receive feedback from someone else, why is feedback from others a necessary step in the writing process? (100 words minimum) 3. What progress do you believe you have made as a writer during the course? In what areas do you still need to grow as a writer? Consider the following areas, created by the Council of Writing Program Administrators (2008), as you answer this question: (1) rhetorical knowledge like purpose, tone, and audience, (2) critical thinking, reading, and writing, (3) writing processes like drafting and revising, (4) knowledge of writing conventions like grammar and formatting, and (5) composing writing in electronic environments like LoudCloud or Microsoft Word. (100 words minimum) Reference Writing Program Administrators. (2008). WPA outcomes statement for first-year composition. Retrieved from http://wpacouncil.org/positions/outcomes.html

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