English 1301-Writing Assignment and peer review for two classmates

Hello I have a writing assignment that is due February 26 2017 before 11:59 pm.. the instructions is uploaded to the post.. please read because the writing assignment is broken up so the 1st MGA DRAFT (at least first genre) DUE: Sunday by 11:59 pmand the MGA Argument proposal is due as soon aspossibleso fill that out and send me the answers back so i can send it to instructor. This will be uploaded to the post also . Ihave a sample paper for this writing assignment #3to give you an ideal. please no plagiarism becasue i wil check beforepurchaseandplease read instructions firstoh the Peer Review will have two papers to revise and edit. Thispeer review part want you to reviseand edit peer review #1 for paper 3so it starts February 27 and end onmarch 1st. And peer review #2 for paper 3starts March 13 and end on march 15 before 11:59 pm so as you can see they are spaced out. starts 16

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