Education/Schools and inequality

In this assignment, you will develop an annotated bibliography for a research proposal.

An annotated bibliography means that besides the bibliography itself (which is an orderly list of article citations), brief summaries of each article are also provided.

Identify at least eight SCHOLARLY PUBLICATIONS having to do with your proposal topic. Scholarly means that it is published in a peer-reviewed journal.
———That means that newspaper and magazine articles DO NOT count nor do popular books. Do not include dissertations, book reviews or presentations at conferences.

First, you will need to read the abstract to determine if the article that pops up in your search is indeed relevant; would you find it helpful to your research proposal?  How?

For each article that you do find important and useful to your own research:

1)  Cut and paste the citation as it appears in your search.  The full citation should include the title of the article, the first and last name(s) of the author(s), the name of the journal in which the article appears, the year in which it was published, the volume/edition number, and the page numbers of the article.

2)  Cut and paste the abstract of the article.

3)  Write a 3-4 sentence summary justifying why you selected this particular article for your bibliography and how you anticipate it can assist you in your research proposal.

Electronic Resources from the Lehman Library is the easiest place to begin a search. Some of the links on this page will only work while you are on a college computer; for others, you can sign in from elsewhere using your library ID number (on the front of your ID card). From home, I especially recommend Social Science Plus Text, Ebsco Academic Premiere (for these two limit your search to peer reviewed articles), and JStor (which has many full text articles from a smaller, but excellent, list of journals many of which are not included in other data bases).

For some topics, Education Full Text, PsychAbstracts, and Medline may be appropriate. Sociological Abstracts includes a wide range of materials (use publication type=PT to eliminate conference papers and dissertations), but you will need to find the source for the actual texts of articles. Don’t forget that you can access many resources via the CUNY portal (, the same way you get to Blackboard.

Finding the actual articles

This is VERY IMPORTANT because the materials you find here will be the core of your literature review for the research proposal. Ebsco, ProQuest and JStor and some of the other data bases have many full text articles.

For other articles, it is possible you will have to go to the periodical room of the library (some education journals, including Sociology of Education, are stored in the Education Library on the same floor).

Sometimes you can find articles by searching for an author’s home page on the internet. If you cannot find a journal at Lehman on on the electronic databases, go to CUNYPlus and search for the journal title. This will tell you what other CUNY campuses have the journal. You will have to go to the campus to obtain the journal. The New York Public Library also has many scholarly books and journals.

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