education for children in foster care

For this assignment, it is argumentative research paper. I have chosen Education for children in the foster care system  as my topic. The pattern of development for the essay may be a cause-and-effect argument, an evaluation argument, a proposal argument, or a combination of two patterns .I personally, would rather it be a cause and effect with a proposal combination. I have been told to take a well-informed position on a debatable issue, supporting the thesis with credible, reliable, and authoritative research. also, to Use a blend of exposition (reporting, explaining, clarifying, assessing) and argumentation (taking a position, persuading, agreeing/disagreeing, planting a naysayer, etc.) to support the thesis. This essay should employ 8-10 sources that you have found, including articles from VSCC Librarys databases, credible online resources, and any media sources that are relevant to the topic. Some of these sources may be the ones you included on my annotated bibliography assignment, but i was expected to do additional research in order to thoroughly explore the topic and inform myself about the issue.  These sources should be cited in the body of your essay and documented on the Works Cited page according to MLA 8th edition. I have included several articles from the volstate library, however, I don’t have additional sources, but  I figured that you (the writer) will probably research that and add it in there as well. Thank you so much.

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