Eaklor, V. Queer America

1.      The book makes the point that GLBT history is U.S. History.  What does it mean to say so?  How does Dr. Eaklor support that point ?

2.      What specific people have set out to impede LGBT rights?  What were their motives and strategies?  What specific people have set out to secure these rights?  In each case, to what extent  have their efforts been successful? 

3.      How have legal decisions, media portrayals, and government actions affected LGBTQ Americans for the better and for the worse? 

4.      Remember the fear + a trigger = a scapegoat pattern from your writing on Salem.  How do we see that pattern in LGBTQ history?  Hate crimes are a good area of focus here,  but not the only one.  Was there progress in the aftermath of the events you have chosen,  or not?  Why? 

5.  What in this book was new to you, and why is what you have learned important? 

6.  Conclusion.  Did Dr. Eaklor make her case that GLBT history is U.S. History?  Do you have any criticism of the book?  Would you recommend it?

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