Due ASAP 3

250 words 2-3 references in APA must be 100% original work!!!
Allied health professionals are health care practitioners with formal education and clinical training who are credentialed through certification registration and/or licensure. They collaborate with physicians and other members of the health care team to deliver high-quality patient care services for the identification prevention and treatment of diseases disabilities and disorders. Allied health professionals are experts in a multitude of therapeutic diagnostic and preventive health interventions and function in several diverse settings including disease prevention and control dietary and nutritional services mental and physical health promotion rehabilitation and health systems management. Take a position on the idea that a non-M.D. (e.g. P.A. N.P.) can provide the same level of care as that of a doctor; or is it more of a case of getting what you pay for? In preparing your response ensure that you properly in-text cite all sources used in the support of your stated position(s) and in your example(s).

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