DQ1#1 2

The case scenario provided will be used to answer the discussion questions that follow.
Case Scenario
Ms. G. a 23-year-old diabetic is admitted to the hospital with a cellulitis of her left lower leg. She has been applying heating pads to the leg for the last 48 hours but the leg has become more painful and she has developed chilling.
Subjective Data
Objective Data
Laboratory Results
Critical Thinking Questions
1. What clinical manifestations are present in Ms. G and what recommendations would you make for continued treatment? Provide rationale for your recommendations.
2. Identify the muscle groups likely to be affected by Ms. G’s condition by referring to ARC: Anatomy Resource Center.
3. What is the significance of the subjective and objective data provided with regard to follow-up diagnostic/laboratory testing education and future preventative care? Provide rationale for your answer.
4. What factors are present in this situation that could delay wound healing and what precautions are required to prevent delayedwound healing? Explain.

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