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News sources: the news stories should be a minimum of 2000 words combined and must include one of the following sources AND one foreign source: The New York Times The Wall Street Journal The Washington Post The Economist Associated Press Reuters Formats: 600-1000 words 12 point font 1-inch margins. Avoid/minimize full quotations. Paper must provide full citations per Chicago Manual of Style either as footnotes or in a bibliographical entry. For example: da Costa Ana Nicolaci. 2009. Lula China visit to focus on widening Brazil trade. Reuters. Brasilia 15 May. URL: (accessed 1 March 2017). See Professor Doughertys rules on citation and bibliography below. The emphasis in these papers is on your analysis of the situation. The questions above are the goals your paper should aim to achieve. Explain the story – give the relevant facts and provide the necessary background information. Questions to start with include: What are the short/long term causes of the event? Does it illustrate a pattern or general trend in international politics? If so briefly explain what larger issue the story illustrates. Whose interests are involved and why? How is the event being handled by the relevant government(s) and by the international community? What do they hope to accomplish by pursuing this policy? You do not need to address all these questions or answer them in this order but they are ways to get into the analytic questions above. Do not be afraid to present your own assessment – for example you could argue that the United Nations should strengthen sanctions on Iran or that the international community needs to set firm targets for the emission of greenhouse gases. The key to writing a quality news analysis is presenting an organized argument/explanation and backing that up with evidence. CITATION RULES from Professor Dougherty 1. ALWAYS spellcheck AND proofread your papers. Spellcheck cannot catch every mistake. 2. Document your sources. Citations are required whenever you use a direct quote borrow ideas from a source paraphrase or cite statistics / numbers (the number killed in an attack in Iraq GNP inflation rate population electoral results etc). You do not need a citation if the information is considered common knowledge (the name of the Iraqi prime minister the date of the election) or is reported in multiple sources. If you are quoting directly from a source you must enclose the quote in quotation marks and include a citation. Quotes of three or more lines should be indented and single-spaced and do not require quotation marks. Extended quotes are discouraged and should be used infrequently. Using someone elses words either verbatim or with only minor changes without a citation constitutes plagiary. 3. Please follow the Chicago Manual of Style (use either footnotes or endnotes). The names of newspapers books magazines and journals are italicized. SAMPLE CITATION: Sidney Crosby Canadian Prime Minister Resigns New York Times 13 January 1998. (after the first cite: Crosby 13 January 1998.) SAMPLE BIBLIOGRAPHY ENTRY: Crosby Sidney. Canadian Prime Minister Resigns. New York Times 13 January 1998. The bibliography includes articles you read on the subject but did not cite in the text of the paper. It is organized alphabetically. 4. Please page numbers on your paper and staple it. You should not to include a separate title page. Put your name the course and the date of submission at the top of the first page. The bibliography does not count towards the page limit.

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