Discusstion assignment

The case for this discussion is Stoll v. Runyon.(link at the bottom of the page)
After reading the case assume you are a coworker of Cynthia Stoll You have just witnessed some of the coworkers behavior towards her. What do should you do?
Assume you are her supervisor and just became informed of this behavior what would you do?
Assume you are the Human Resources Director what would you do?
Assume you are the in house counsel what advice would you give?You must be objective and NOT insert your personal beliefs in the answer. Use the IRAC analytical format to respond to each separate issue you find (there are more issues than listed)You may do additional internet research the search terms Sexual Harassment and/or Washington State will be helpful
It is preferred if you prepare your response in Word and upload the file. Use spell and grammar check and have Word check the document for readability before uploading. Please include the readability score with your submission.
Stoll v. Runyon.pdf

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