This assignment has two partsThe first part is to read the article and give a response by answering the questions in the instructions file. Please follow the instructions for this onethe response for the first part is no more than 2 paragraphsI recommend you to finish this part first.* The second part of this assignment is to give response &reflection on the two student’s post.I recommend to write from one paragraph to one and half.The first file is the assignment instructions.The second one isDiscussion Criteria and Discussion Point Standards.The third file isRecord of Discussion Posts-FormThe fourth file is the article that you should read and give response on it by answering the questions in the instructions file.The fifth file is theStudent’s Post – Discussion #2 ( You will to give response on the other students’ post )Deadline for the first part of the assignment is 3 hrs & half from now.The second part is 48 hours from now.

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