Discussion post Week 9: Environmental justice in the city

Week 9

Paper instructions:

**** No outside source just evaluate their work/presentation in the lecture video

This will be a discussion post based on Group’s #9 work. Think of this as peer review. Did the group use the best data to represent answer the question, or are there other data sources and types that could be used? Provide examples and links. Type a minimum of 200 words

I will post Group #9 assigned work down below:

Discussion Prompt Question: How and why are underrepresented minorities often disproportionately subject to environmental harms?


Logan Judy, 2018. Liberty and Environmental Justice for All: An Empirical Approach to Environmental Racism, 53 Wake Forest L. Rev. 739.

Data: EPA Environmental Justice Screening Tool: https://www.epa.gov/ejscreen (Links to an external site.)

Thursday: Group Briefing


Week 9  Urban Inequality S21 Tuesday Lecture:


Week 9  Env Soc S21 Thursday Lecture:


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