Discussion 2- Managing Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Read Chapters 2 and 3 of Hisrich & Kearneys book: Managing Innovation and Entrepreneurship. 

Question #1.  Name 3 to 5 ways creativity gets inhibited in the workplace.  For at least 2 of those that you name, identify a specific LEADERSHIP step that the organization can take to overcome those factors. (137words)

Question #2. How can open innovation be successfully undertaken by an organization as it strives to develop/enhance products, services, processes or technological advancements that will enhance its competitiveness? (137 words)

Please read the questions carefully and provide a response to each that is coherent, demonstrates that you engaged with the material from previous course work/this class text and that reinforces important content. Your answer to EACH of the 2 questions should be a short paragraph (no more than 3 5 sentences and about 100 words.) 

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