Differentiate between leadership and management strategic decision-making

Assignment Requirements:

In this assignment, you will differentiate between leadership and management strategic decision-making from an organizational design perspective. You will find the following resource to be a helpful guide in your analysis of your chosen case study: Guide to Case Analysis. This assignment will require intensive interpretation skills. Be sure to read this Case Analysis Guide to prepare. Be sure to use the grading rubric as a checklist. To successfully complete this assignment, immerse yourself in the following scenario:


Choose an award-winning company from the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program website to study. You will evaluate the Award Application Summary as a business case. You are the director of strategic planning and business intelligence for your chosen company. You are conducting an evaluation of your chosen company for an upcoming annual report. Your goal is to demonstrate skill and expertise in making strategic decisions based on your expert analysis and evaluation of the strategic position of your company. You will be submitting this report to the C-level executives for review. Use the following criteria to make strategic decisions for your chosen award-winning organization.


Provide background information about your chosen company, including topics such as the company name, industry sector in which the company operates, products, and target market. Elaborate and use research.
Provide a high-level synopsis of the organizational design of your chosen company from a strategic management perspective (read pages 3538 in your textbook).
Explain which one of the five generic competitive strategies best characterizes your chosen companys strategic approach to competing successfully for the next 3 years (read Chapter 5 in your textbook). Explain how and why.
From a management perspective, formulate and explain your companys offensive or defensive strategy to improve its market position in the next 3 years (read pages 153159 in your textbook).
Explain whether your company will be a first mover, a fast follower, or a late mover to ensure competitive advantage (read pages 159164 in your textbook).
Does your company engage in outsourcing? If so, what do you see as the pros and cons of outsourcing for your company? Should strategic alliances be involved? (Read pages 172173 in your textbook.) Explain.
Demonstrate leadership communication skills. Be persuasive and descriptive in your communication style.
Use a minimum of three peer-reviewed research resources (including your textbook) to substantiate your thoughts, opinions, ideas, etc.
Apply proper APA style citation and reference format.
Write in third person.
Use the grading rubric as a checklist.

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