Developmental Psychology

Imagine that you are a schoolteacher and have approximately 20 children/adolescents each day to teach and entertain. During the school age years, students must to focus and pay attention for much of the school day. As a teacher, you must create ways and use techniques that maintain their attention and keep them thinking as you move from social studies to math to literacy. Chapter 7 provides further description of these skills for different age groups. For this assignment, I would like you to create an educational game or activity that will foster attention and thinking.

Answer the following questions:

For your made-up game/activity, select one form of attention and one form of thinking that you want to focus on. Identify and describe one form of attention (selective attention, divided attention, sustained attention, executive attention). Identify and describe one aspect of thinking (concept formation, executive function, critical thinking, mindfulness, scientific thinking, problem solving, decision making).
Identify the age group that is the focus for the educational game/activity. Address age abilities for your selected form of attention and aspect of thinking based on course material and research evidence. Describe what a teacher would expect in the form of attention and aspect of thinking for the given age range.
Explain the purpose of the game/activity, how the game/activity is played, rules of play, number of players, and any other information necessary to be involved in the game/activity. Address your rationale for the game design based on what we know about the attention and thinking topics that you selected. Creativity is welcome! Envision I will play the game later with my kids at home and need to fully understand it after reading your description. Please do not use or copy a game already created (this will not receive full credit). However, you can add to or modify a current game to make it better please be clear on how your game is different.
Imagine your principal is excited about supporting students metacognition. Address how your game can incorporate elements of metacognition tailored to your selected age range. Use course material and research evidence to support the age appropriate application of metacognition into your game.
As the teacher, what are your goals for students to achieve and/or learn from this experience?

Friendly Reminders:

When answering the questions, use complete sentences. Please number your responses based on the questions above.
Your paper should be approximately 2-3 pages, double spaced. Please use a title page (this does not account within the 2-3 page suggestion).
Use complete sentences. Always use spelling and grammar check.
Citing original authors is required when you are using someone elses idea (Example: Santrock et al., 2020). Paraphrase in your own words when using other authors ideas. Do not use quotes.

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