Developing data collection and analysis

Hypothesis to test through samples in the assignment of recycling business in Pakistan for instance: 1. Would it be beneficial to start a solid waste management business Such as: more profits, more taxes more taxes for govt, cost effective, more jobs etc. 2. Environmental benefits: Such as: less pollution, preservation of resources etc. 3. People health: Such as: reduction in diseases, more human resources etc. Answer the following 2 sections Section 1. Instrumentation/Sampling: (1300 words) Testing these Hypothesis with random samples around 6to7 and not necessarily be real persons, through interviews/surveys etc. Answer the following questions for this section: How will I get data to test my hypothesis What tool/devices will I use to make or record observation How will I choose the sample What degree of accuracy or level of confidence I can guarantee. Tools/devices to make or record Analysis of Data: In Analysis discuss through statistical/analytical process whether hypothesis are right or wrong? Section 2. Conclusion and recommendations: (700 words) I have uploaded the previous literature review as well in case to understand the assignment.

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