Develop a Seminar Poster & handout

Using Publisher (or Word) create these items:
    11 x 17 poster to hang on a wall
    4 x 6 handout (flyer that someone would give out as you are walking by to get you interested to attend)

    Start from a blank document. Be sure to set up the correct sizes for each as listed above.
    Create professional, eye-catching, engaging pieces.
    Choose fonts, colors, sizes, etc. that effectively represent this event.
    Consistency and repetition among pieces is vital.
    Use free image sources. You may choose to use graphics from or (if they are CC0 public domain images), Creative Commons, or use/create your own images using shapes, lines, etc.
    Organize the material however you feel is best.
    Decide what is most important to include on each piece.. For example, the 4×6 handout is pretty small. You wont be able to include all of the information. Decide what is most important to be included and what cant be included because it would be too small, etc.

Here is the information to include down below:

Time-Management for Working Professionals
Friday, June 20, 2021
9 a.m. 1 p.m. (lunch included)

Join us as we explore techniques to help you effectively managing your time both personally and professionally. Youll hear from experts who have researched proven techniques and helped thousands of employees find the system that works best for them. Discussion time will allow for sharing best practices and exploring various options that work best for you. Each session will focus on practical measures that you can implement today.

Topics include:
    Handling multiple priorities
    Learning how to say No
    Finding Your Organization System
    Cutting Time-Wasting Activities
    Taking time for Reflection

Education Credit
This seminar qualifies for 3 hours of education credit. Please indicate on the registration form if youd like a seminar attendance certificate.

Location: Doubletree by Hilton Hotel (1122 E Johnson St)
Cost: $99 per person

Feel free to invite others who may be interested in attending.

Sponsored by Employee Resource Solutions

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