Depression and anxiety in college students

Final Paper: For this paper write a research proposal. Describe to a reader, in less than 1750 words, what your research is, and how you intended to do it. For a detailed example of how to write such a document, look to Kesklys Foolproof Grant Template (see pdf in readings, link and outline below). You are not required to actually do this research during the term, but you should try to treat the planning as if you were given six months to a year of time to actually conduct research, and then think through questions that would necessary for you to answer given a particular research method. Conclude by reflecting on how conducting such research could contribute to a relevant discussion in sociology today.

–NO PLEGEARISM Here I sent 4 articles you can choose from those which ones works best. In this proposal research, I want to prove that stress can lead to anxiety and depression, and as well as society expectations for women can lead women college students to be even more depress by these expectations.  The controlled vocabulary we did during the course to get keywords on our paper, and paper 2 is basically what the research going to be about

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