Read all of the directions before starting this assignment. 

Type a report that describes the concerns pertaining to social, ethical, legal, and human issues of technology.  The report must be one page (single-spaced, 12 point font) and must answer the following questions:

  What is the definition of cyberbullying?
  What types of consequences can occur as a result of cyberbullying?
  What can teachers, parents, administrators, counselors, etc. do to prevent cyberbullying?
  What can students do to control cyberbullying?
  What technical methods can be used to prevent and control cyberbullying?

Please use the following online resources to complete your report:, 
  National Crime Prevention Council, 
  When Bullying Goes High-tech, 
  Cyberbullying Research Center, 
  Stand Up to Cyberbullying,

Once you have written the one-page report, submit the document through Turnitin assignment part 1 in Canvas.  Do not include a bibliography.  Turnitin will return the findings, and you should have a report count about 90% or more being plagiarized.  That is OK for this part of the assignment.  You only have one submission.

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