Cultural Considerations and Genetic Predispositions Discussion

Review Stanhope and Lancaster Chapter 5-Cultural Influences in Nursing in Community Health and Appendix B.5 Page 593 Cultural Assessment Guide.

Provide a description of your population and the influences/ issues that may have led to and contributed to the health problem. Is it a genetic predisposition, environmental issue, related to health disparities, determinants of health, inadequate access to the healthcare system, inadequate nutrition, lack of resources? Does your population have a genetic predisposition to the health problem you have identified? State what these are and how genetics and culture may have a profound effect on the health outcomes for the population.

Consider the cultural considerations that might inform your approach to caring for this population. How will this influence the education, interventions, and care planning for the population?

Include cultural beliefs and genetic predispositions from a reliable source and data from CDC that validates the differences in health outcomes.

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