The purpose of this paper is to evaluate cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, Libra, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin. You must analyze both the benefits and the risks, then decide when cryptocurrency is useful, based on the evidence you unveil.  Research for cryptocurrency can include research of the successes and failures of cryptocurrency; however, your critical analysis and final decision cannot be based entirely on one type of cryptocurrency or one authors viewpoint.  Your sources should be varied and credible.

The second main lesson of this paper is how to properly use, quote from, and cite website articles in APA format.  Each page used and/or quoted from on the website has its own Reference citation and in-text citation.  Each link clicked leads to a different page with its own citation.  The paper requirements include a minimum of 3 articles: 1 from a Library databases and 2 from website sources. 


Formally introduce cryptocurrency by presenting key background information about it, providing examples, and discussing how and where it is used. Then narrow down the focus/thesis to take a stance based on specific research including but not limited to governments reactions, banking industry reactions, and/or consumers experiences.  Pay careful attention to the rhetorical nature of the information based on the source.  End the Introduction paragraph with the Thesis Statement. 

Thesis Statement:  The thesis statement is a clear, direct statement indicating the results of your analysis, including the overall benefits and risks, as well as your final decision on using it.  Note that the thesis statement will be revised as you finish the research and make your final decisions on the outcome.

Body Paragraphs
Each body paragraph centers on one aspect of your analysis: benefits, risks, final decision.  Begin each body paragraph with the results of the research. Explain it in detail in your own words.  Add one direct quote, with an intext citation, to support the point.  End each body paragraph by explaining the significance of the quote and the resulting logical critique.

The Conclusion paragraph includes the overall results of the findings.  You must be clear when explaining whether the cryptocurrency is or is not a solid idea for consumers.  Restate the key points from your analysis of the benefits, risks, and final decision. Lastly, you conclude with one last comment about the cryptocurrency to exit out of the topic.

5 paragraph paper
APA format
3 direct quotes, minimum, with APA in-text citations
Minimum of 3 sources: 1 from Library databases and 2 from credible websites
References page with 1 complete APA Reference citation for each (3 minimum)

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