Critical response essay

Assignment Specifications

Type: Written Paper

Style: Modern Language Association Format

Length: 1,000 words or more

Description: Write a literary analysis of one of the readings we have engaged with thus far that utilizes one of the schools of literary criticism.

Be Sure to: Include works cited page.

Suggested Genre: Poetry

Second Critical Response Essay

As we saw with the first paper, this assignment is really great practice for the upcoming research paper.  The assignment asks for a literary analysis that utilizes one of the many schools of literary criticism.  The second half of the class includes both poetry and drama.  

What is a Critical Response Essay?”
Critical Response Essays are intended to demonstrate the student’s understanding of the assigned literary works and give the student the opportunity to reflect on his or her academic considerations of that work or author. To do this the student should use one of the schools of literary criticism that are studied in this class as a starting place. This seems complex and daunting at first, but it can be quite simple. To begin, a student should choose one of the readings that have been assigned and combine this with one of the schools of literary criticism we will consider to come up with an argumentative topic and thesis for his or her paper.

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