Creative Activities Pinterest Board Project: Part 2

Part 2: Complete Pinterest Board and Essay Reflection (Due Unit 7)
1. Complete your Board
a) Search the internet for resources and ideas to pin in each of your three
folders. As you are searching, look for items that support learning in the
classroom, collaboration with families, diversity, and relevance to the
topic. The items should be appropriate for children up to age eight. Be
selective about the pins you choose to make your Pinterest beneficial to
you! This should serve as a resource upon which you can continue to
build for your personal/professional roles.
b) Pin at least 10 items in each of the three topic folders for a total of 30 pins.
2. Reflection Essay
After your board is complete, write a 1.5 2-page reflection essay in response to
the following:
a) Include the link to your completed Pinterest Board at the top of your
document. To obtain the link, open your Board, copy the web address/link
and paste it into your document (please test your link to make sure it
opens and displays your Pinterest Board).b) Selection reflection
Select one resource/idea pin in each of your three folders (total of
three pins).
For each of your selections, name the pin and discuss why you
selected the pin. How does it fit within the topic area? How might the
resource or idea be used to promote learning in the classroom,
collaboration with families and/or diversity?
c) Pin diversity reflection
Share a scenario of how you plan to use the ideas or resources you
pinned in your early childhood classroom, including your lesson goal(s)
and the age group for the scenario. Make sure to note the pin(s) you
are using for your scenario.
d) Professional resource reflection
Reflect on how you will use this resource (your Board) to support
your professional teaching practice, in particular how you can use
it to support classroom learning, collaboration with families, and/or
diversity. Did you enjoy the experience of curating resources and
ideas for the early childhood classroom? Will you keep adding to
your board or folders?
Submit your 1.5-2-page Reflection Essay in Unit 7: Creative Activities
Pinterest Board Project Part 2. Use double spacing and 12 point, Times
New Roman font.

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