Detailed requirements. Your work IN ONE DOCUMENT ONLY shall:

•       Include Cover Sheet, Main Report and Reference List (the number of words used in the reference list should not be included in the word count).

•       Use Arial font 12, 1.5 line spacing and British English;

•       Include headings and subheadings to respond to each question set;

•       Use Harvard referencing system in both the text and the Reference List.


Coursework task: Discuss the implications of additive manufacturing (3-D printing) for the international logistics industry in the context of an international operation of your choice. Word limit 2500 +/- 10% (table of contents/list of figures, abstract, references are not included).


Marking Criteria


Marks (100)


1. Literature review (800-1000 words)

a.      Explain; in the context of international logistics management:

•       Additive manufacturing (3-D Printing)

•       Development status

•       Impact on logistics industry

b.     Critically review a minimum of two relevant and up to date
academic journal papers on each point above (a minimum of

________ six academic papers)._______________________________________








Case study (1000-1200 words)

a.    Identify a suitable logistics company adopting additive manufacturing strategy, and justify your choice.


b.   Outline examples of the strategic impacts that changed or
enhanced on the company’s logistics through the use of
additive manufacturing.

c.     In light of the academic literature reviewed in section 1, discuss

the extent to which additive manufacturing focus on to ascertain the efficiency or effectiveness of logistics systems and identify scope for improvement.








3. Surface features

a.     Appropriate use of academic journal papers, and other sources
of literature, to inform the report.

b.    Accuracy of Harvard referencing style (including in-text

c.     Evidence of critical thinking, synthesis and creativity.

d.    Structure, writing style and presentation (Arial, pt. 12, 1.5 line



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