course work

1. Write three (3) key lessons you learned from this case study for the ibm case study.

2.Based on the case you study and your knowledge of Porter’s 5 forces model, conduct industry analysis for DeBeer’s management (100 words or less) (you can search up porter 5 force model online.

3.Conduct a VRIN analysis for any of the firms mentioned in the case. Mention the name of the firm first. Identify top three strengths and weaknesses for the firm. What is the firm’s sustainable competitive advantage, if any?

4. Porsche management wants to know your recommendations on its corporate-level strategy. What would you recommend (3 sentences)

5.Apple wants to remain among the most innovative companies in the world. Please provide Tim Cook 2-3 recommendations on Apple’s innovation strategies.

6.Analyze Biocon’s international strategies and make your recommendations (100 words)

7. Analyze corporate governance at Lululemon and advise its board of directors on how they can do better in terms of corporate governance (100 words).

8. Analyze Hummel’s corporate social performance (100 words)

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