Course ProjectCost-Volume-Profit Analysis with Capital Budgeting

In this assignment your goal is to use CVP analysis in a presentation of your project to enable a prospective investor to decide if your project is worth investing in. You will apply the concepts of CVP analysis learned in3and4 (SPREADSHEET)to the project APPROVED you selected in2.
Review theCourse Project Guidelines.
Assignment Overview:
From the Microsoft Excel worksheet you developed in3and4 create a basic pro forma statement necessary to convince someone to provide the start-up funding of the project and then use this information along with other outside research to create a Microsoft Power Point presentation. The slides of your presentation should be visually appealingonly containing the key points while the speaker notes associated with each slide should provide the essential details.
Assignment Tasks:
To create a pro forma statement:
Submission Details:
Support your predictions and suggestions with scholarly resources and empirical evidence. Use APA format to cite your sources. Use thisAPA Citation Helperas a convenient reference for properly citing resources.
Your submission should include the following.
Grading Criteria

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