Contemporary Issue In The United Arab Emirates

Choose/Pick one contemporary issue facing The United Arab Emirates. You may research as far back in history as you like, but be sure that your issue is contemporary, at its core. Organize your materials, figure out what your argument is going to be, and then write a paper of 5-8 pages, making sure to cover these points:
1) Describe the issue
2) Set out your position on the issue today
3) Explore the historical underpinnings of the issue
4) Predict the most likely scenarios for this issue in the future
Make sure the paper conforms to Chicago Manual of Style format (introduction, paragraphs with topic sentences, evidence with documentation) including footnotes or endnotes. Type and double space your paper in 12-point font with title page containing your name, name of the course, date, and title. There must be a separate bibliography, not included in the page count. Make sure page numbers are included in the paper. Proofread it carefully and watch for grammar mistakes, lack of capitalization, sentence fragments, spelling errors, etc. Resources will be provided for you to help with this part.

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