Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution

APA 7 Format

Utilize one journal article on topic as well as reading materials. Minimum of
Written at the college level.

Textbook: Catalano, J.T. (2015). Nursing Now: Todays issues, tomorrows trends. Philadelphia: F.A. Davis (7th ed.) ISBN 978-0-8036-3972-0
Ch. 12, 13, and 17 write about communication styles, strengths, and weakness, as well as difficult situations.

-When you experience  difficult situations, what are some positive behaviors you can use from the suggestions listed in your book?

-Is there EBP that may work for you out on the web? Being open to suggestion and willing to listen without judgement will help in the long run. Rigidity has no place in nursing as it causes undue pain for everyone concerned. Patients are never exact, or black and white; as with coworkers, no one is the same. Expecting situations, behaviors, work conditions to be the same time after time will set you up for undue frustration in healthcare.

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