Compare and contrast different types of performance management models and analyse the relative advantages and disadvantages of them for both employers and employees.

Write an essay in which you:
Compare and contrast different types of performance management models and
analyse the relative advantages and disadvantages of them for both employers and
You should present one clear example of practice to demonstrate how and what type
of performance management methodologies, tools and techniques are being used to
suit the unique organisational environment and how HR has prepared the business
and its people to meet and adapt to new challenges. (Your core textbook, Hook and
Jenkins, 2019, Ch.7, is your initial point of reference)
You will be marked as follows:
Definition, evaluation, and analysis of performance management models,
including advantages and disadvantages of each. (30 Marks)
Identify theories, best practices and approaches taken to manage and drive
high levels of performance successfully and outline the business approach to
managing remote teams. Including the role of line managers in performance
management and any legal, wellbeing and Health and Safety compliance
considerations. (40 Marks)
Example of practice from one named organisation that has prepared its
business and staff for home working demonstrating your ability to review and
outline what preparation and approaches have been taken, how they aim to
manage the performance of their people and continue to achieve high levels of
organisational performance. (20 Marks)
Use correct academic writing technique, including effective structure, grammar,
spelling, use of in-text citations, and a full reference list, all of which should use
the Harvard referencing convention. (10 Marks)
To achieve success, the following is required:
Define and evaluate the standard expectations of each type of performance
management model. You should use academic textbooks and papers, and
industry-chartered institute platforms, such as, CIPD, CMI, Institute of
Leadership and Management, to define the nature of these performance
management models. Including the advantages and disadvantages of these
Define and explain how organisations use a mix of performance management
tools and techniques to suit their unique organisational environment and how
they maintain high levels of motivation and performance from their remote
people and teams.
Give one example of actual practice by a named organisation, ensuring you cite
sources, such as, companywide people practice, company annual reports,
academic case-studies, etc to evidence your work.
The majority of work should demonstrate your own original thinking, with data,
quotes, paraphrased opinions, and other evidence used where appropriate, to
evidence and support your own, original debate.
This should be delivered in an essay format, consisting of a title page, your
main body of work, and a reference list. There is no requirement for an
executive summary, table of contents, or appendices. You must not use
diagrams or tables as part of your answer.
Evidence should be used from appropriate sources, such as; your core text
book, other HRM text books, academic papers and HRM journals, case-studies
contained in academic works or on industry chartered institute platforms, such
as CIPD, CMI, Institute of Leadership and Management, etc.
Students demonstrating higher level academic skills of analysis and evaluation,
and sophisticated use of evidence/sources, will score in the higher graderanges.
Referencing conventions and the credibility of sources is a vital aspect of
academic writing. Students demonstrating a higher level of academic rigour in
these areas will score in the higher grade-ranges.

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