The most common reason for change is that what you did before is no longer effective. Nurses these days face many new challenges. With healthcare continuing to change and reimbursements being less and clients expecting more health care systems are looking for ways to change how things have previously been done. An example of change was when HIPAA became a regulation and changed had to occur to implement the new regulation. So based on all these continuous healthcare changes nurses must take on new skills to enhance how the healthcare organization runs. To be an efficient nurse leader he/she must be able to make good ethical decisions understand the main principles and with that gathered knowledge be able to make knowledgeable decisions. To be able to perform such task the nurse leader must be able to pinpoint the problem gather information bring forth solutions put a system in place and evaluate if the system works (American Nurses Association 2013).
Given the crucial role of nurses with respect to the quality accessibility and value of care the nursing profession itself must undergo a fundamental transformation if the committees vision for health care is to be realized. Outdated regulations attitudes policies and habits continue to restrict the innovations the nursing profession can bring to health care at a time of tremendous complexity. The nursing profession can be of great influence in three crucial areaspractice education and leadershipas well as to collect better data on the health care workforce to inform planning for the necessary changes to the nursing profession and the overall health care system. Nurses are taking on new roles based on nurses must have the education to back them up (Grand Canyon University 2011).
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