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As we learned the role of the leader is to know yourself as a leader clearly communicate your visions and establish trust amongst colleagues. In this scenario whereby the leader re organized the department without notifying staff members all of these roles were disregarded. Conflict can arise because the thoughts feelings and input of the employees were not considered in making the decision to reorganize the establishment. Another factor that could lead to conflict would be lack of trust in the leader because of the lack of communication in making a change. The leader seems to exhibit an authoritarian leadership style and this clearly didnt go well with the employees. Maybe the new leader came from a workplace where decisions were made without the inclusion of all members. With conflict and feelings of resentment towards the leader a hostile environment is now created making it difficult to work and function in. In order to be an effective leader the opinions of the upcoming change shouldve been discussed with all members of the team. For an establishment to run smoothly everyone should be considered. As a nurse leader I would manage any conflict that may arise by allowing the employees to openly discuss their feelings on the situation. An open discussion will give the leader a chance to explain why the decision was made so abruptly and possibly give room for an apology to be made. Plans to include staff in all decisions will be discussed so that further conflict can be avoided. Addressing this now rather than disregarding the situation will hopefully instill trust between staff and the new leader.

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