College Sudents Living Alone

Write a 5-6 paragraph persuasive essay
Include a thesis that states two or three reasons of support.
Address the counter-arguments in one paragraph after the introduction or within each body paragraph.
Refute the counter-arguments – explain why they are incorrect, incomplete, or irrelevant.
Cite your sources accurately with in-text citations and a complete Bibliography (not a list of links).((MDC LIBRARY IF POSSIBLE))
Be sure to use proper language for a persuasive essay:  proponents, opponents, reporting verbs (claim, state, suggest, etc.).
Use precise (specific) vocabulary related to your topic.
Be sure to use concrete facts to support your opinion.
Your concluding paragraph should indicate a course of action:  Considering this, what should be done? by individuals? by society? by the government?
Proofread your essay for accuracy in sentence structure, subject-verb agreement, and correct word forms

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