Cloud Vendor Presentation

Rewrite of attached – “xCloud Presentation.pptx”
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This is project 2 deriving from project 1 (“– Executive Summary.docx” attached)

****Feedback from current version:****

“Good work so far.

however, Per Task Instructions:

All slides must be narrated by you, the student.
Please add a slide with your references, and Add narration to your slides and re-submit.”

*Add a few points that can be referenced
*narrate in the bottom notes section
*Add references to reference slide

Original project instructions:

In this project, you will develop a detailed comparative analysis of cloud vendors and their services. A comparative analysis provides an item-by-item comparison of two or more alternatives, processes, products, or systems. In this case, you will compare the pros/cons of the cloud service providers in terms of security, ease of use, service models, services/tools they provide, pricing, technical support, cloud service providers’ infrastructure, and architecture model.

You will present your findings to the owner of the company in a narrated PowerPoint presentation with 10 to 20 slides. Use the Cloud Presentation Template.

This resource can help you prepare and record your presentation: Presentation Resources(

Presentation Guidelines

Your presentation should be comprised of the following:

One to two slides on the company profile.
One to two slides on what the company is struggling with.
One to two slides on current infrastructure.
Three to six slides on the top three cloud services providers. Include their service models (i.e., SaaS, PaaS, IaaS), services/tools/solutions (i.e., compute, storage, database, developer tools, analytics tools, networking and content delivery, customer engagement), pricing, accessibility, technical support for companies, global infrastructure.
One to two slides on a recommended cloud service provider based on the comparative analysis and the cloud vendor’s abilities to meet the service needs of the company.
One slide on the conclusion.
All slides must be narrated by you, the student.

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