Cloud Computing


This is a short paper that requires you to study the provided scenario, research its questions/problems, and provide analysis and recommendations.

“Your Tire Company” (YTC) has 75 locations across nine western states. The new CEO of YTC wants to modernize their supply chain and customer management systems. She has heard of “cloud computing” and thinks this is the way to go but is concerned about how secure the YTC’s data would be “out there”. The CIO has tasked you with researching the issues as follows:

    Explain what cloud computing is;
    Explain how it works;
    Describe some of the security risks involved; and
    Describe how to mitigate these risks.


    This is an individual assignment, i.e. not a team or partner assignment.
    Use a three-paragraph format: an introduction/scenario recap, analysis, and conclusion.
    Provide an APA style reference page with at least two references.
    Double-spaced, font size 10 or 11.
    500 word minimum, not including your name, title, or references.

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